Monday, April 28, 2008

Bed Sheet

(017) Single Bed Sheet with pretty ruffles. Thick cotton. In very very very good condition (almost like new), not even a speck of "kecacatan). From the Edenis home collection. RM20.00 (SOLD, TQ)


(016) Soft cotton padded Duvet with 1 matching pillowcase. Fern motive. Queen Size. RM28.00

Whimsical Aprons

(014) Yellow Rose, cotton apron (thick fabric), Adult size. RM8.00

(015) Whimsy's fav. Red "umbrella style" apron. Thick cotton material. Very sexy apron. RM8.00


(012) Refigerator Cover, cotton , RM3.00

(013) Teacups/Teko cotton padded blanket/quilt. Queen size. More suitable used as a kitchen table cloth (sesuai dengan imej cawan/teko). Can fit in 8 seater dining table. RM20.00 (SOLD,TQ)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


(011) Padded Cotton lilac eiderdowns. Queen size. Can be used as duvet, blanket or bed spread. RM20.00 (SOLD, TQ)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Pillowcase

(006) Cotton Padded Blue PC with ruffles, unique feature is 3 buttons at the back. RM5.00 (SOLD, TQ)
(007) Pink Cotton PC with mini ruffles. RM4.00.

(008) Cotton Cream PC with ruffles (sedondon dgn PC supershabbymom yg blue), RM5.00 (SOLD, TQ)
(009) Padded Cotton P.C. (with a little minor koyak) RM2.00
(010) Long (4 ft long) Fruit mototif P.C, kain cotton tebal.Can be used as long bench kusyen as well, RM7.00

Monday, April 7, 2008


(005) Beadspread/cadar queen size paded, comes with a matching pillowcase. It has a flap/skirting. Comes with a getah to sangkut kat mattress (refer last pic). Can fit a 8-10 inch mattress easily. RM50.00 (incl. pillowcase) (SOLD, TQ)

Getah utk disangkutkan ke tilam to ensure it does not move.


Bedspread tabal, 100% cotton, white base with pink rosebuds. Queen size. Can be used either as a bedspread, comforter or to drape behind a sofa. Very Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic. It comes with matching pillowcase ( 1 no). The PC has cotton lace detailing. I think it is part of a Pink Heart Gold collection.
(004) Price RM45.00 (bedspread with 1 pillowcase)

New Flea Market pillowcase

Contoh penyusunan LOL!!! Hello my dears. Another fleamarket finds -100% cotton pillowcases.
(001) Paded PC, white base with big sprays of roses. RM4.00

(002) Matching PC, offwhite base (creamy) with pink roses (very soft cotton), RM8.50 for both. (SOLD, TQ)
(003) Paded PC, very very pretty (refer to close up pic). RM4.50 (SOLD, TQ)