Monday, March 31, 2008

New Items For Sale

(1) Single Cotton Padded (ada kusyen nipis)Quilt, RM25.00 (SOLD, TQ Hesitant Blogger)

(2) Chair Cushion, Cotton, RM3.00 (SOLD, TQ HESITANT BLOGGER)

(3) Medium size cotton Pillowcase, RM3.00

(4) Small Cushion Pillowcase, RM3.00

(5) Medium size Pillowcase, RM3.00

(6) Cotton Pillowcase, RM4.00 (SOLD, TQ CHE)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Vintage Pillow cases for sale

(1) Whimsy's very very fav..RM6.00 (SOLD, TQ)

(2) RM4.00


Dear all, these are all for sale, pls indicate which number that u r interested.tq.

(1) Long P.C (abt 4 ft, can fit in 2 pillows), RM8.00
(2) RM4.00 (SOLD, TQ)

(3) Whimsy's fav!!! RM5.00

(4) RM4.00 (SOLD, TQ)

(5) Whimsy's 2nd fav, RM5.00 (SOLD, TQ-Hesitant Blogger)

(6) RM4.00 (paded P.C and below is back view) (SOLD, TQ)

(7) RM4.00

(8) RM4.00 each (SOLD, TQ)

(9) RM4.00 (SOLD, TQ)


`(1) Queen Size quilt, RM45.00

Single Size 100% cotton, Pastel Roses, RM35.00 (SOLD, TQ)

King Size White/Pink Roses, 100% cotton, RM45.00 (SOLD...TQ)